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2012 … LIFE!!

Hi, Everybody:

I just wanted you to know that, although life has bee crazy for me this year, I haven't stopped stampin'.  But … I haven't posted much here and just wanted to give you an update as to what's going on in my life.  In December, when I went to visit with my family over Christmas, my mother was in the hospital with a UTI.  It acted a LOT like a virus and all of my family had it (including me).  I guess they cleared up the infection but … in January, right before my mother's 90th birthday, she was again hospitalized again with Congestive Heart Failure caused by another UTI.  She miraculously survived it and we moved her to a rehab facility.  Since then my mother has come home and is doing remarkably well.  We moved both of my parents to "the cottage" and, although, blind, she has learned to manuver around the house.  Then … in February, I had plastic surgery — basal cell carcinoma.  In March, "Mister P", our beloved kitty, died just after his 6th birthday.  You know … my kitties are my kids.  This was very traumatic — I called "Mister P" — "the Mommy's Baby Boy".  And … he was just that.  He went with me everywhere.  (Mister P is the black kitty in this picture.)  I miss him so much!!  Anyway, I just wanted you to know what's been going on with me.  My next post will be of the cards I've taught in club this year — there'll be a lot of them (I have 3 clubs a month) — and that will be followed with a tutorial for the Telescope Card.

Have a wonderful day!!  You are loved!!


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